4 Smart Ways to Spend Your $550 in Gas SavingsWall Street Journal MarketWatch.com
With gas approaching $2.00 per gallon, the Energy Information Administration estimates that the average household will spend about $550 less on gas in 2015 than in 2014. MarketWatch reporter Catey Hill has a few tips from Kathleen for the best ways consumers can use that savings.

The $25,000 Mortgage Mistake Nearly Half of Borrowers MakeWall Street Journal MarketWatch.com
When consumers don’t shop around for a mortgage, they are potentially costing themselves thousands or tens of thousands in additional interest over the life of the loan. In this MarketWatch article, Kathleen offers some resources for the best rates.

Getting the Best Price on Everything: MortgagesLadies Home Journal
(final print edition, July/August 2014)
Mortgage brokers and loan officers are often salespeople who receive a commission for closing your loan, so there may be some negotiating room. In an interview with personal finance journalist Teri Cettina, Kathleen suggests getting good-faith estimates from at least three lenders. Compare the fees for services such as loan origination, document preparation, and underwriting, among others. But be sure to look at the whole picture – if the fees are high but the interest rate is low, it may be worth paying the higher up-front fees to get lower interest for the life of the loan.

Is Cash Making You Go Broke?Wall Street Journal MarketWatch.com
There may be better ways to put your money to work than to keep it in cash. For instance, if you are disciplined about your credit card usage and always pay the full balance each month, then a carefully selected rewards credit card may be a great choice for you. Read more of Kathleen’s comments in this article by personal finance writer Catey Hill.

11 Ways to Avoid the IRA Early Withdrawal PenaltyU.S. News & World Report
If you find that you need money from your IRA prior to age 59.5, there are a few circumstances that may allow you to withdraw without penalty. Personal finance writer Emily Brandon interviewed Kathleen to learn some of the details.

Zero Percent Credit Card Offers Aren’t Zero CostWall Street Journal MarketWatch.com
Those enticing zero percent balance transfer offers may not be as great as they appear on the surface. In this article by personal finance journalist Catey Hill, Kathleen points out the traps that await consumers if they don’t carefully read the fine print.

Economic Recovery Brings Wealth To Southwest Florida Ft. Myers News-Press
Data released this week shows that personal incomes in the Southwest Florida area increased by 5.4 percent. Kathleen comments about the increase in business and industrial activity in the area, which has led to more hiring.

Is Home Where the Head is?Financial Advisor Magazine
Many dream of being homeowners, but is it really the right move? Financial Advisor journalist Eric Rasmussen interviewed Kathleen for this in-depth article about the pros and cons of owning a home.

The Six Most Important Retirement Moves for the YoungReuters.com
Starting your retirement savings at a young age can result in a tidy nest egg. In this Reuters article by Mark Miller, Kathleen emphasizes the importance of contributing to a Roth IRA account, with tax-free savings for life.

Secrets of the 401k MillionairesSmartMoney.com
How do employees manage to have 401k balances of $1 million or more? According to those interviewed for this SmartMoney article, most of them are very diligent savers. Kathleen discusses the importance of maximum contributions, long-term selections, and being careful about the amount in company stock.

Retire Here, Not There: FloridaSmartMoney.com
SmartMoney.com profiles various states with their pros and cons as retirement destinations. In this Florida segment, Kathleen mentions that the state’s large number of retirees allows for great social opportunities, among other things.

How To Tell Clients They Can’t Retire YetAdviserOne.com
Not enough money to retire? Five top advisors describe how they work with clients who need to save more in order to retire.

Single-Funded ParentingMoneyMix.CUNA.org
This article by Jon Cook for the Credit Union National Association focuses on the many challenges faced by single parents. Kathleen addresses the importance of credit scores and conservative investment selection.

Prepaid College Prices MountFt. Myers News-Press.com
The cost of the four-year university option in the Florida Prepaid College Plan increased 8.6% from October 2010 to October 2011. Kathleen explains why a 529 plan might be a better option.

Advice for the New GradWall Street Journal
If you are young and have some money to invest, which one fund should you select? Wall Street Journal writer Jane Hodges interviews Kathleen and other advisers for their recommendations.

How to Keep Your Nest Egg Intact After A LayoffU.S. News & World Report
Unexpected job loss is stressful enough without having to worry about your 401(k) too. In this article by Emily Brandon, Kathleen advises caution when withdrawing money prior to age 59 1/2.

Good, But Not GreatFinancial Planning Magazine
The Health Savings Account can be a very tax-efficient way to pay for medical expenses. In this article by Donald Jay Korn, Kathleen discusses some of the pros and cons.

The Money Book (for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed)The Money Book
This book is all about earning, spending, saving, and surviving as an independent worker. Recommended by MSNMoney’s Liz Weston as one of the “5 Money Books Worth Every Penny”. Kathleen assisted in the writing of the book and is quoted on various topics.

Should You Convert to a Roth? Pros Weigh InMotley Fool’s Newsletter (www.fool.com)
With the current buzz about Roth conversions, should you consider converting your IRA or 401k to a Roth IRA? Kathleen Campbell and other fee-only advisors weigh in on this topic.

Expert Corner: How the Pros Create Financial PlansMotley Fool’s
In this popular newsletter by Robert Brokamp, Kathleen Campbell is one of several advisers who provided insight about the financial planning process.

Prepaid College Prices MountNews-Press (News-Press.com)
The cost of the four-year university option in the Florida Prepaid College Plan increased 8.6% from October 2010 to October 2011. Kathleen explains why a 529 plan might be a better option.

Voices: Kathleen Campbell, On Curbing Personal Spending RatesWall Street Journal Online
In this interview for the “Financial Adviser” section of the Wall Street Journal online, Taylor Smith interviews Kathleen Campbell about how she counsels her clients to save more if they want to have money in retirement.

A New GameFinancial Advisor Magazine
In this article by columnist Gail Liberman, Kathleen talks about the credit issues that can arise even for those who always pay their bills on time.

Forced Back Into the Rat RaceNews Press
Many Americans are suffering from job losses and reduced values in their retirement savings accounts. In this Retirement Series, Kathleen stresses that taking funds out of retirement accounts early is never a good idea.

Where’s Your Money Going?ivillage
So many consumers are looking for budgeting advice, so Kathleen suggests simple ways to track spending.

Invest: It’s Your FutureHewitt Associates Newsletter
In this “Reality Check” article, Kathleen works with a Georgia couple on their retirement plan. She provides them with important steps they need to take in order to retire in the next five years.

By carefully tracking expenses, consumers can greatly improve their financial pictures. Kathleen discusses ways to budget, track spending, and increase savings.

Planning Perspectives Investment TipNAPFA.org
Select NAPFA members provide reprints of messages shared with their clients during the height of the economic downturn. Kathleen writes about the benefits of Roth IRA conversions.

Financial Makeovers for 2009ABCNews.com
Several financial planners, including Kathleen, provide tips for simple ways to improve your financial life.

Section 457 plansChicago Tribune
Famed Chicago Tribune columnist Janet Kidd Stewart interviews Kathleen about Section 457 deferred compensation plans. Kathleen cautions participants about the risks involved in the various plans.

Have Fun on a ShoestringConsumer Reports Money Adviser
It’s easy to have fun when times are lean and budgets are tight! Kathleen shares a few quick tips for extra savings.

Road to Recovery: Creating a BudgetFt. Myers News-Press.com
In both a print article and a live-chat, Kathleen discusses ways to create a budget and reign in excess spending.

Discover EDGE – Money Management for TeensDiscovercard.com
Do you want your children to learn more about budgeting and finances? Kathleen describes how a budgeting plan for teenagers can lead to healthier spending habits and greater awareness of costs.

Facing a Pay Cut? Here’s How to Deal with ItCBS MoneyWatch.com
In one of the inaugural stories on this new personal finance site, Kathleen provides information about home equity lines of credit and loan modifications with mortgage lenders.

Money Matters: Helping Cash-Strapped Family MembersErickson Tribune
For those who have unemployed family members, there are several ways to help out. Kathleen describes ways to provide assistance without giving cash outright.